Despite being sick all last week, I still managed to go shopping using the Nordstrom app and buy some new clothing at the Semi Annual Sale. I especially loved all of the deals in the Sportswear Department. Here are a few of the items I bought.

black North Face hoodie

I love this North Face hoodie

Nike Sports Bra

For those days on the trail...

black running pants

never can have enough workout clothes!

magenta infinity scarf

An Infinity Scarf to stay warm this Fall


I couldn't resist stocking up on a few more bikinis, $8 at Old Navy. I hope they fit!


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Hi Preppy Girl,

I have the straight A grades, the attitude, the sports, and the passion to be a prep. The problem is all of my clothes are SO tomboyish and I need a total makeover! Any suggestions?

Preppy Tomboy

Dear Preppy Tomboy,

Thanks for the email! I’m sure you don’t need a total makeover, but summer is a great time to embrace the preppy style. Many retailers are selling jeans, capris, and shorts in a variety of colors from the ever preppy pink and green to vibrant shades of aqua and and teal. Pair these colorful shorts and pants with a polo shirt or a pretty summer shirt with feminine details. Finish off the look with a pair of espadrilles or flip-flops and a couple of bracelets. Steer clear of athletic shorts and boxy t-shirts unless you are exercising. For a dressier occasion, wear a khaki skirt or a colorful sun dress. On chillier evenings, drape a cardigan sweater around your shoulders. Be sure to have fun with bright colors! For example, if you are wearing a blue sun dress look for accessories that really pop, like yellow sandals or green bracelets. Hair bands are another easy way to add a feminine touch to your look.

Have a great summer!



If you have a question for the Preppy Girl email it to me at

Preppy Girl,

When I was younger I admired the preps in my school. I was not known. Now that I am older and life is lot better then those days I want to be more preppy. Can you help me become preppy? Are there books or anything that I would be set to become a preppy adult. I need to know everything from what to wear (wardrobe), not to wear, accessories, everything?

Need Help

Dear Need Help,

It sounds like your inner prep is just bursting to get out. Summer is a great time to prepify your wardrobe. The easiest way to do that is to just add color. I like to pair brightly colored shorts and capris with lighter colored or white shirts. A few of my favorite color combinations are navy blue and lime green, lavender and white, pink and yellow, and the ever popular pink and green. Sun dresses are another great buy and so easy to pull together. For chilly evenings, drape a cardigan around your shoulders. Finish off the look with a pair of espadrilles or dressy flip-flops. For accessories, a pearl bracelet is a must. Couple it with a few bangles. In the summer, I like to minimize my load by carrying little clutch handbags. I am a big fan of the basket weave bags. For work, I like to carry a larger tote to stash all of my stuff. Lilly Pulitzer is a great place to gather fashion inspiration. For more preppy tips check out Preppy Style 101 and Summer Staples.

My favorite preppy book is the Official Preppy Handbook. I also like to look to fashion icons such as Audry Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, and the fictional Charlotte York from Sex in the City.

I hope that helps!



If you have a question for the Preppy Girl email it to me at

Hi Preppy Girl,
I am a young prep that is, of course, fashion obsessed. I love to take risks to show my taste and love for fashion but there is one thing I’m stuck on. In many preppy ads there are women wearing ties. It looks fabulous in the pictures but I am unsure of how this could be done in real life (especially without looking too masculine). Also, is it even appropriate for women to wear ties?

Thinking about Ties

Dear Thinking about Ties,
That is a great question, I have also noticed a trend in fashion for women wearing ties. It looks fabulous in photos, but in real life, I think you run the risk of looking like one of the girls from The Facts of Life. I have never seen a girl on the street who actually looks good in a tie, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Try transforming the tie to belt; however, knot it closer to your hip in an undone bow. Try wearing the tie loose around your neck like a scarf or draped around the lapels of a preppy blazer. I think its appropriate for women to wear ties, but only if they can “pull it off” with confidence.

Good Luck!



Despite yesterday’s east coast gloom, New York got a colorful glimpse of Spring. That’s right, its Fashion Week! For the next six days, we get a sneak peak of designer’s spring lines. If you don’t have tickets to the shows; don’t fret. You can watch the runway at web sites like Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and YouTube.

Here a few shows to keep your eye on:

  • Tommy Hilfiger Men’s – Friday at 5:30
  • Lacoste – Saturday at 10am
  • Diane von Furstenberg – Sunday at 4pm
  • Zac Posen – Sunday at 6:30pm
  • Caroline Herrera – Monday at 10am
  • Tory Burch – Tuesday at 9:o0am
  • J. Crew – Tuesday at 9:30am
  • Michael Kors – Wednesday at 10am
  • Ralph Lauren – Thursday at 10am
  • Marc Jacobs – Thursday at 8:30pm



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