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Dear Preppy Girl,

First of all, I love your website. It is so great! I have been in private school my whole life and this year I am switching to public school and will finally be able to wear my own clothes. I am wondering what you would recommend to wear to school to look preppy.

Thank You!
-What To Wear

Dear What To Wear,
Thanks for the email. Wow, that is quite the transition. You have a lot shopping to do! First and foremost, wear what ever makes you feel most comfortable at school. Look for versatile clothing that will work with many outfits. Make sure to stock up on the basics like white tanks, cords, and long sleeve ts. Here are a few preppy fall staples.

  • Plaid button down / oxford shirts – a staple for every wardrobe
  • Boatneck and v-neck ts – a variety of colors
  • Polos – layer them over long sleeve t’s when it gets colder
  • Black Leggings
  • Corduroy jeans and skirts – earth colors like green, brown and rust
  • Skinny jeans – dark wash
  • Cardigans – both lightweight cotton and wool for when it gets colder
  • Colorful Cable knit sweaters
  • Skinny Belts (look great over cardigans and shirt dresses)
  • Infinity scarf – I have a magenta one. Can’t wait to wear it this fall
  • Riding boots
  • TOMS
  • Sunglasses
  • Ballet flats – black, brown, and a whimsical color
  • Hair bands
  • Bangle bracelets – a variety of colors

Have a great school year!
– P.G.

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