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Hi Preppy Girl,
I am a young prep that is, of course, fashion obsessed. I love to take risks to show my taste and love for fashion but there is one thing I’m stuck on. In many preppy ads there are women wearing ties. It looks fabulous in the pictures but I am unsure of how this could be done in real life (especially without looking too masculine). Also, is it even appropriate for women to wear ties?

Thinking about Ties

Dear Thinking about Ties,
That is a great question, I have also noticed a trend in fashion for women wearing ties. It looks fabulous in photos, but in real life, I think you run the risk of looking like one of the girls from The Facts of Life. I have never seen a girl on the street who actually looks good in a tie, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Try transforming the tie to belt; however, knot it closer to your hip in an undone bow. Try wearing the tie loose around your neck like a scarf or draped around the lapels of a preppy blazer. I think its appropriate for women to wear ties, but only if they can “pull it off” with confidence.

Good Luck!


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