Ballet Flats – noun. A soft, round-toe shoe favored among preppy girls.

Crease – noun. The circular area surrounding a lacrosse goal.

Critter – noun. The cute objects and animals embroidered onto clothing. Whales, ducks, and martini glasses are popular critters.

Cute – adj. Adorable.  A term used by preppy girls to describe people, clothing, houses, etc. Example: Your new pink dress from J. Crew is so cute.

Daddy – noun. A preppy term of endearment for your father.

Ex-Laxers – noun. Old guys who congregate in preppy bars to relive their days on the lacrosse field.

Grosgrain – noun. A ribbed fabric used to make ribbons. Very popular with private school girls.

J. Crew – Preppy retail clothing store

Letterpress – noun. Letterpress is a traditional printing process which transfers ink to the printed page by way of a metal, wooden, or photopolymer plate. Letterpress has recently seen a resurgence in popularity, due largely in part to Martha Stewart.

Lanyard – noun. A long string used by preppy guys as a key chain.

Lax – noun. 1. Abbreviation for lacrosse 2. A person who looks like he or she plays lacrosse Example: “Bitsy’s new boyfriend is such a lax.”

Lax Mullet – noun. A shag haircut made popular by private school lacrosse players in Baltimore. They are known for the long hair sticking out the back of their lacrosse helmet

Lilly – 1. noun. short for Lilly Pulitzer. It’s considered preppy to be on a first name basis with fashion designers. 2. adj. An allusion to the perky pastel patterns that Lilly Pulitzer is known for. Example: “That cute pink and green handbag is so Lilly.”

Lime Green – A bright green color

Madras – noun. A colorful, plaid fabric worn by preppies

Monogram – noun. One, two, or three initials representing your name that are inscribed or monogrammed into one’s belongings.

Mummy – noun. A preppy term of endearment for your mother

Old Bay – noun. A seasoning from Baltimore, Maryland. Used on everything from steamed crabs to mac & cheese

Pastel – noun. Soft, light hues considered the preppiest of colors. Popular colors include light pink, lime green, yellow, turquoise, and baby blue.

Perky – adj. Used to describe a spirited, happy preppy girl or object.

Pink – the original preppy girl color

Prepster – noun. A stylish preppy

Polka dot – a perky pattern featuring circles of various sizes on a solid-color background

Scotch – noun. The ultimate preppy man drink

Tailgate – A party before or after a spotting event, usually takes place in a field or parking lot. Named for the various foods and beverages placed in the back of a car. SUVs  and Mercedes  station wagons are the car of choice for tailgates.

Whole Foods – Preppy grocery store, specializes in organic foods

Yar – adj. A sailing term made famous by Katerine Hepburn in the Philadelphia Story

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