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Hi Preppy Girl,

I have the straight A grades, the attitude, the sports, and the passion to be a prep. The problem is all of my clothes are SO tomboyish and I need a total makeover! Any suggestions?

Preppy Tomboy

Dear Preppy Tomboy,

Thanks for the email! I’m sure you don’t need a total makeover, but summer is a great time to embrace the preppy style. Many retailers are selling jeans, capris, and shorts in a variety of colors from the ever preppy pink and green to vibrant shades of aqua and and teal. Pair these colorful shorts and pants with a polo shirt or a pretty summer shirt with feminine details. Finish off the look with a pair of espadrilles or flip-flops and a couple of bracelets. Steer clear of athletic shorts and boxy t-shirts unless you are exercising. For a dressier occasion, wear a khaki skirt or a colorful sun dress. On chillier evenings, drape a cardigan sweater around your shoulders. Be sure to have fun with bright colors! For example, if you are wearing a blue sun dress look for accessories that really pop, like yellow sandals or green bracelets. Hair bands are another easy way to add a feminine touch to your look.

Have a great summer!


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