Cancun Part 2

After a lovely stay at the J.W. it was time to check into the Royal Resorts. Eventually the sun even came out of hiding, and I was able to spend some time relaxing on the beautiful beach.

Cancun Beach

Some much needed sun time

Cancun Beach

A perfect beach day

Meanwhile, back in Baltimore, Mr. Ranger decided it was time to hit the open road and run away. You could not imagine my panic, being a world away. Luckily, our dogsitter was able to find him. Relieved, we came here…to celebrate.

Cancun Hooters

Apparently the Spanish translation of Hooters is "Oters"

Just kidding. Actually, at the recommendation of our dear friends and Cancun dinning experts, we ate outdoors at Salvios, an Italian restaurant. I had a tasty diner of a seafood antipasto appetizer, followed by a fillet of grouper in a decadent white wine sauce (who knew white white sauces could be decadent?), and a delicious chocolate gelato for dessert.


Check out the cool wicker lights on the patio at Salvios

Another wonderful trip to Cancun for the memory books. So how many days until Spring?

The Lagoon

Did I mention that I love Cancun?

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