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Preppy Girl,

When I was younger I admired the preps in my school. I was not known. Now that I am older and life is lot better then those days I want to be more preppy. Can you help me become preppy? Are there books or anything that I would be set to become a preppy adult. I need to know everything from what to wear (wardrobe), not to wear, accessories, everything?

Need Help

Dear Need Help,

It sounds like your inner prep is just bursting to get out. Summer is a great time to prepify your wardrobe. The easiest way to do that is to just add color. I like to pair brightly colored shorts and capris with lighter colored or white shirts. A few of my favorite color combinations are navy blue and lime green, lavender and white, pink and yellow, and the ever popular pink and green. Sun dresses are another great buy and so easy to pull together. For chilly evenings, drape a cardigan around your shoulders. Finish off the look with a pair of espadrilles or dressy flip-flops. For accessories, a pearl bracelet is a must. Couple it with a few bangles. In the summer, I like to minimize my load by carrying little clutch handbags. I am a big fan of the basket weave bags. For work, I like to carry a larger tote to stash all of my stuff. Lilly Pulitzer is a great place to gather fashion inspiration. For more preppy tips check out Preppy Style 101 and Summer Staples.

My favorite preppy book is the Official Preppy Handbook. I also like to look to fashion icons such as Audry Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, and the fictional Charlotte York from Sex in the City.

I hope that helps!



SummerSummer is finally here and I could not be happier! I spent the past 6 months working on my thesis, the Preppy Girl finally graduated. To celebrate I’m planning a summer of fun blog posts with a few surprises along the way. Be sure to get outside this weekend and enjoy the start of another great summer.

To get you in the summer mood, check out preppy summer staples and a guide to the beach!


If you have a question for the Preppy Girl email it to me at preppygirl@thepreppylife.com.

Dear Preppy Girl,

I’m from the UK and school ends in a week for the summer! I’m going to London for 3 weeks for a summer school, and I only have 2 weeks to get ready. I want a preppy wardrobe. Obviously this doesn’t give me much time, what clothes do you think would be most essential for the summer school?

I’m also looking for a pleated skirt at a reasonable price, but can’t actually find one! Bearing in mind that I’m in the UK do you have any suggestions?

Thank you so much for your lovely blog!
- Summer Shopping

Dear Summer Shopping,
Thank you for reading my blog. I am honored to have readers in the UK. It sounds like you have a great summer ahead of you!

I would try to find clothes that transition well from school to social gatherings such as skirts and summer dresses. Dresses are so easy and by adding a light-weight cardigan you can take a fun, sleeveless dress to school appropriate. A khaki skirt is one of my favorite summer staples, they are so versatile. By adding jewelry and a stylish top you can take a khaki skirt in so many directions. Brightly-colored capri pants are another great item for summer. I like to dress up capris with cute little kitten heels and a short sleeve top. Polos are another classic look for summer. Look for shirts in vibrant hues like orange and kiwi, they will look great with the ever-powerful khaki skirt or capris and transition well to Fall.

I really can’t speak to all of the fabulous UK brands, but I do love the summer clothes at the Topshop, such as their yellow, pleated skirt and their fun, color block skirts.

Thanks again for your email. Good luck with school!


If you have a question for the Preppy Girl email it to me at preppygirl@thepreppylife.com.

Dear Preppy Girl,

Three years ago, when I was 19, I met the “The One that Got Away,” because he was in the military he was shipped out and stationed elsewhere. We keep in touch and I send him Christmas cards. Now he’s invited me to come visit him down South for 4th of July weekend! I’m super excited. However, my wardrobe is still kind of young-looking in the way of summer clothes. I have the winter young 20s wardrobe down but nothing classy in the summer department. Please point me in the right direction where I can pull off the Kate Middleton-young 20s but still classy in 115 degrees look.

Sweating in the Summer Heat

Dear Sweating in the Summer Heat,
First off, I hope your weekend is everything you expect and more!!! Sounds like a fairytale minus the 115 degree weather. I hope your weekend turns out perfect. I am sure you have already selected a fab weekend wardrobe. If not, here are a few more last minute suggestions.

Sundresses: A cute and flirty way to beat the heat. I love sundresses because they are so easy to pull together. You can look casual and elegant at the same time. Be sure to dress them up with earrings and a few bangles.

  • Stripes- You can’t go wrong
  • Solids – Always a classic
  • Patterns – Look for small prints, they are easier to wear.

Dressy Tanks: Great because they go from day to night. Pair these cute tops with shorts in the day and a mini skirt at night.

Be sure to pack sunglasses and bikini or two, just in case you go swimming. Have a wonderful weekend!


Summer is finally here. Let’s head to the beach without a moment’s delay.
beach with beach chairsTime to stick your feet in the ocean and taste that salty spray.
surferWe have been good all year, so now it’s time to play.

summer stuffPass the sunblock and get me a boat drink!

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