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Hi, Preppy Girl

I just recently came across your blog and was wondering if you could share with us some key staples to decorate your room with? I’m constantly rearranging my room, but for the most part I like when my room is clean cut and conservative looking (for some reason it helps me concentrate when I’m studying and it just makes me feel very comfortable). Could you help me out with decor ideas, furniture and things like that? I’m really looking forward to your advice especially since everyone is going back to school now and I need something cozy and classic to help me focus and feel at ease.

Thank you so much!
A Damsel in Decor Distress

Dear DDD,

Thank you for reading my blog! I love to decorate. Here are a few tips–I hope you find them helpful!

Paint Your Walls: Painting is an easy and inexpensive way to take a drab room from dull to dreamy. If you are feeling daring select a bold color like chocolate brown or turquoise. For something more relaxing, light blue, pale pink, and soft yellow are great choices. Satin finishes can be a bit more challenging to paint but add a soft sheen to your room. If you can’t paint your room, you might want to look into vinyl wall murals and coverings for a change of pace.

Curtains! Curtains can totally make a room. A pretty window treatment adds visual interest and an element of elegance to your bedroom. I like to buy long curtains and use ribbons to tie back the curtains. If you can’t find curtains that you like, I suggest buying an extra set of sheets that match your comforter or duvet cover and sewing your own. Fabric stores like Jo-Ann Fabrics also offers a huge selection of fabrics if you want to make your own curtains.


I used leftover ribbon to add extra elegance to these ho-hum curtains

Comfort: Comfy pillows and cozy chairs make a great place to curl up and study. If you are short on space look for furniture that doubles as storage. I love this ottoman that doubles as storage space from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

Mix & Match: Mix contemporary pieces with vintage furniture finds. Try scouting second hand stores and garage sales for unique pieces like guilt-mirrors, side-tables and chairs. I personally love Target’s Liberty of London line if you are looking for some inexpensive bedding or accessories, however; they will only be at Target for a limited time!

vintage chair

A vinatage chair adds some visual interest to a borning bedroom

Organize: It’s hard to study if your room is a mess. Target is also great for storage and organization items. They have everything from desk organizers to storage contains that fit under your bed.

More Inspiration: For decorating inspiration I like to check out the Design Sponge Blog and Coastal Living.

For more decorating advice read Coastal Style on the Sly.

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