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Dear Preppy Girl

I seek your wisdom here. My wardrobe has been classic preppy for as long as I can remember. Polos, oxford shirts, critter print, cardigans, Lilly dresses, the whole deal. However, my 21st birthday is coming up soon, and I’ll likely be sampling the local night life. I know that my usual outfits probably won’t fit the sexier vibe of the chic lounges and martini bars I plan on checking out, but I want to avoid the usual trashy and flashy night life apparel. I’d much rather keep it classy. Any tips for selecting prep-worthy outfits for a night on the town?

Preppy Girl Going Out

Dear Preppy Girl Going Out,

I think the key to looking fabulous is the silhouette. Keep your outfit simple for example sporting a “fancy” top with a pair of cropped pants. I love J. Crew’s Minnie pant coupled with ballet flats. Anthropologie also has some great looks for fall.

  • If you are feeling more casual, try pairing a pretty tank or cami with a long cardi and a great pair of jeans and heels.
  • Or try a more sophisticated monochromatic look using fun accessories to add pops of color to your outfit. For example dressing up in shades of silver and gray but wearing a boldly colored jewelry and an eye-catching handbag.
  • If all else fails, a little black dress with a cute cardi works every time.
  • Remember to wear comfy shoes in case you want to hit the dance floor.

I personally love to channel Audrey Hepburn, my style muse, when I get ready for a night on the town.

Have a happy birthday!

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