Coastal Style on the Sly

Since I essentially live in a bachelor pad with the BF and Wonder Dog, I have to voice my decorating style on the sly. Slowly, I have been sneaking the lime green and sunshine yellow on the walls, transforming the BF’s brown-on-boring house into one of my budget coastal design. After scouring the Pottery Barn catalogue for ideas,  I went to IKEA and stocked up on jars, vases, and candles. I’m not an interior designer by any stretch of the imagination, but I thought these beachy accents made a huge improvement in the home.

candles and jars

To disguise the ugly glass table lamp, I added a few jars stuffed with sea shells

candles and shells

Candles and Shells add some serenity to the mess I call "The Mail"

Sea Shells

a good way to store all of your sea shells from past vacays

Pussy Willow Branches

Pussy Willow Branches in a large vase

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