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Bonjour, Mademoiselle Preppy!

As a young preppy, I have some questions about navigating the world of preppy boys. First of all, do you have any preppy musts when it comes to flirting? I’m horrible at it! Magazine articles always say to shoot alluring glances and wear sexy clothes, but that’s not really me. Second, is it preppy to let your friends set you up? (I figure that Jackie O. met JFK through some friends, so it’s got to be, right?) I have a really good friend who is setting me up with one of his chums. Third, any advice for getting through a date in a preppy fashion? Also, just anything else that you can think of would be appreciated.

Much Love,
A Preppy Looking For Love

Dear Prep Looking For Love,

Thank you for the wonderful email. I am sure true love will find you soon! Seriously, who finds love by wearing trashy clothes and sending sultry glances to a prospective beau? My advice is to smile, a lot. What boy can resist a big smile, especially when the person in question looks happy, extremely approachable, and fun. To turn up the flirt quotient, give the guy little compliments. For example, if he tells a joke, say “oh, you are sooo funny.” Just make sure your compliments are sincere. If you really like the guy, lightly touch him on the arm when you are talking to him, that sends him a huge “I like you” vibe.

Jackie O. had it right, it is extremely preppy to be set up by one of your friends. I think it is the best way to meet someone, especially when you have a few things in common. Just keep it casual…better yet, don’t even tell the guy that it is a “set-up.” For example, plan to meet the prospective beau at a party, cook-out, or sports event; some place where lots of people are hanging out. That way it will not be awkward if you don’t “hit it off,” there is nothing worse than forced flirting. Even if the set-up doesn’t work out, there are still plenty of people to talk to. Also, don’t tell other people at the event that you are being set-up, that may add to the social pressure.

As you know, preps are extremely well-mannered. A date is a great place to show off all of the manners Mummy taught you. Always remember your “please” and “thank-yous.” If you are at a restaurant, don’t start eating until everyone at the table is served. It is also useful to brainstorm a list of conversation starters before the date in case you run out of things to talk about. If conversation comes to a lull, talk about your local sports team, current events, music, school, television programs, etc. You will be thankful that you did!

Just remember to keep it light and breezy on your date. He may be the one or he may not–you never know who you will bump into tomorrow!

Good luck with your date!
-M.P. (Mademoiselle Preppy)

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