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Dear Preppy Girl,

I’m turning 16 and have been really worried about what car my parents are going to get me. Both of my parents drive the oh so practical, Mercedes SUV. I recently have fallen head over heels in love with the Volvo SUV, but after seeing the reliability ratings on the older year Volvo, I became extremely worried. Until my dad saw that my neighbor was selling his extra car, the 2006 Toyota 4Runner. Right then and there my dad wrote the check for the car. It’s a pretty silver, but I’m worried about the lack of preppiness it has! Are there anyways to make my future car complete with my preppiness?

Car Anxiety

Dear Car Anxiety,
Congratulations on turning the big 16! To quote one of my favorite driving songs, “Born to Be Wild” by Steppenwolf, its time to “get your motor runnin.” Don’t worry about the preppy quota, either way, its a car! Your parents are giving you the gift of greater freedom and mobility. I would definitely be weary of any car that isn’t reliable. Think of all of the road trips and adventures you might miss.

To prep-out the 4Runner, I suggest personalizing the car to really make it your own. Add a few preppy stickers to the back windows or a car monogram. You can even get monogrammed car mats. Since you have plenty of trunk space, be sure to put a preppy blanket, change of clothes, and your favorite sports equipment in the back. Stock your car with your favorite music, what’s a car ride without some preppy tunes.

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Enjoy the new car!

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