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Dear Preppy Girl,

I noticed that I am wearing a lot of skirts and dresses this summer. In the past, I use to wear a navy polo dress every summer. I would wear my navy polo with every color of Classic Palm Beach sandals, bangles, hoop earrings, and a ribbon belt. In late summer, I would drape a cardi over my shoulders and tie in front and wear the navy polo dress with canvas sneakers, great for running errands around town. Lately in the commercial world, I haven’t seen the polo dress.

What is your opinion on the “polo dress” such as Big Pony Polo Dress or Lands’ End polo dress. Should the polo dress stay a nice memory of the past or an old but goody to keep for summer fun?

Texas Vintage Prep

Dear Texas Vintage Prep,
Thank you for your great email! I have to admit, I have not seen many polo dresses in recent years, but I think they are a fun look for summer. I say, wear the polo dress proudly! Dress it up with some modern accessories. I would look for a fitted dress, like Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony Polo Dress or Lacoste’s Pique Polo Dress. To keep it looking fresh, pair it with chunky wedge heels, a little clutch or basket purse, and a contrasting skinny belt, to give the dress a pop of color. In the fall, your navy polo dress might look simply dashing with a great pair of boots and a few bangle bracelets.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

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