Beep Beep: A Complete Guide to Preppy Cars

Upon turning 16, the most desired car is your parents old BMW, Volvo, or Wagoneer, however; anything with four wheels and a motor will work just fine. Volvos are the “liberal” car of the bunch, the next time you are watching a movie about prepsters, notice how the ex-hippie turned father ALWAYS drives a Volvo. Newer cars include VWs, Audi’s, Ranger Rovers (wishful thinking), and Jeeps.

Silver is considered the preppiest color, it matches Mommy’s tea set. Black and white cars are runners up. Navy blue is always a “nice” alternative, however its hard to find, except in German cars. Red is only appropriate for convertibles and Daddy’s mid-life crisis car.

It goes without saying that you put your prep school bumper sticker on the rear window of your car–even if you are in college. Even better if it is your school’s parking sticker. Stickers supporting your school’s lacrosse team work just as well. Avoid political bumper stickers, unless they are blue in nature.

Hippie preps are known to plaster their cars with stickers of their favorite band. Moe, Phish, Grateful Dead and Widespread Panic are all acceptable options. Steer clear from any emo, christian rock, or Justin Bieber stickers, no matter how much you secretly like it.

Contents of the Trunk:
True preps always keeps the following sundries in their trunk–you never know when you will be taking an impromptu road trip to the beach when a lacrosse game breaks out.

  • Lacrosse Stick & Balls – essential preppy props
  • Bathing Suit – its better than wearing a birthday suit
  • Beach Towel – For those late night skinny dips
  • Blanket – For sitting out under the stars
  • Flashlight – Because your daddy said you needed one
  • Snacks – in case you skipped breakfast

With these preppy guidelines in mind, its time to get out an enjoy the open road!

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