2 Months & Counting!

April 29, 2011

With wedding season just around the corner, there is no doubt I am counting down the days to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s ceremony, which takes place on April 29 at Westminster Abbey. I could not be more happy for the Prince William and his beautiful bride. Though, I doubt there will be much pink and green, the wedding is sure be a wonderfully tasteful and classic affair. The wedding procession starts at Buckingham Palace and travels past St. James Park before swinging by Parliament and Big Ben to reach Westminster Abbey. The reception will be held at Buckingham Palace, I am still waiting for my invitation ; )

But even if it does arrive, I am afraid I simply have nothing to wear. I will just have to settle for watching Prince William and Miss Middleton tie the knot on tv…possibly a champagne breakfast pajama party. Until then, you can stay abreast on the royals at the Royal Wedding Website and the Royal Twitterfeed.

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