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Hi Preppy Girl,

I just found your blog it is really cool. I am getting my first car for my 15th birthday but I get a new car for high school graduation. I have to get an inexpensive used car for my birthday. So I need your help on brands of cars that are preppy and look like the newer models.

Used Car Blues

Dear Used Car Blues,
Thank you for reading my blog, I am glad you like it! That is very exciting that you are getting a car for your birthday, and even more exciting that you are getting a new car for graduation! I have always been a fan of Volkswagons and Mini Coopers. If you are a sporty girl, a Jeep is a fun car to drive. I strongly recommend choosing a dependable car with a good track record over looks. The last thing you want is a car that breaks down a lot. Try to find a car in a nice preppy color like black, white, beige, or silver; than you can customize your car with preppy stickers and car monograms.

Here are some more tips on preppy cars.

Good luck with the car search!

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