Searching for Teddy


Watching Senator Kennedy’s funeral reminds me of my high school days. Growing up, one of my best friends loved the Kennedys, I mean she was obsessed. My friend adored Jack but had a soft spot for Teddy. On a class field trip to D.C., she convinced me to ditch the Sackler Gallery to help her search for Ted Kennedy. Walking down the Mall, we ditched our class and stealthily made our way to the Capitol hoping to catch a glimpse of Teddy. Next thing I know some kind gentleman, mistaking us as interns, recommended that we take the underground monorail to Senate’s office building.

We did not find Ted that day but Steph, the ever persistent politico, insisted that we stop in Joe Biden’s office before making our way back to the bus.  I feel fortunate for my unofficial tour of the Capitol, it is the closest I will ever come to Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and I have my friend and her beloved Teddy to thank.