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Hello Preppy Girl,

In just over a month I will be moving away from home to go to a University (I am from the UK) and live in dorms. I was wondering if you had any advice or ideas on how to make my small dorm room look preppy and relaxing.

Kind regards,
Dorm Dilemma

Dear Dorm Dilemma,
Congratulations on your new start at the University! I have to admit, dorm rooms are not at the height of comfort but with a little bit of creativity you can make it feel like home. First of all, bring your own lamps to school, don’t rely on the dorm’s harsh florescent lighting. This will give your dorm room a much more relaxing feel (and don’t forget the light bulbs!) Pack lots of pillows including a long body pillow to transform your bed into your own personal sofa. Buy a dust ruffle to hide all of the storage bins stuffed under your bed. Also pack an extra quilt or blanket to curl up with on chilly evenings. Bring a color coordinated rug to cover up the cold tiles floor. Buy some cute curtains to cover up the school-issued blinds. And remember to pack posters, knick knacks, and framed photos of your friends and family to add a familiar touch to your room.

I hope you have a great semester!
– P.G.

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