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Dear Preppy Girl,

Lately I’ve been extremely disappointed at the lack of preppy guys I’ve been seeing in my city. Given, I live in a city where most guys have a higher drug intake than oxygen but still I should be able to at least see a fellow prep around. Do you have any tips on how or where to meet preppy guys? Because I have to tell you, being a single prep is about as fun as losing your Sperrys : (

Looking for Love

Dear Looking for Love,

That is a great question, I feel your preppy pain. I’m sorry to hear about the lack of datable guys. Finding a great preppy guy can be like finding a Lilly dress at Loehmann’s, but once you finally find it, its well worth the wait. I suggest taking group golf, tennis, or sailing lessons. Not only are they fun, but people are always looking for tennis partners, a foursome for golf, or a sailing crew. Even if there are no cute guys in the class, lessons are a great way to meet some new preps who might have some datable friends. Or sign up for racquetball or squash group at your gym. A local lacrosse game is another good place to meet preppy guys. Try asking a cute boy some questions about the game. If you like running, join a running club, that is another low pressure place to meet new people.

If sports are not your forte, try breaking out of your routine. Visit new coffee shops. If you have a dog, start hanging out at the local dog park. Dogs are a great conversation starter. If clothing is your passion, get a part time job at a preppy clothing store, you will be sure to meet every preppy guy in the area.

I hope that helps!
– P.G.

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