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Hi Preppy Girl,

I love your website, but I need some advice, I’m a male Prep who lives in Surrey, in the UK. Surrey is stereotyped as being full of mansions and executive golf courses but the people over here are so chavvy. I’ve been a Prep for quite a while an wear the usual brands, but I can’t seem to find anyone else. The cliques at my college are all, Emo, Dungeons & Dragons and Wannabe Gangsta. And being a Prep seems to be frowned upon, everyone stereotypes Preps as being built around financial status. I’m fairly well off but I’m not snobby. The dress code around here is skinny jeans, flat peak caps, appallingly heavy chains and odd plastic sunglasses. No one has any class, what should I do?

– A Prep Among Thorns

Dear Prep Among Thorns,
I am so sorry to hear about your dilemma. It sounds like the hipsters have taken over your college. The chains and flat peaked caps sound dreadful. Do you have any interest in sports? If so, I suggest joining a local (or your school’s) tennis, crew, rugby, or lacrosse club. Club sports are great place to meet like-minded preps since it combines socializing with exercise. Consider signing up for some group lessons over the summer. Group tennis and golf lessons are a great place to meet people since everyone is looking for a foursome to play with. Change your routine, skip the library and study at a cool coffee shop. Eat at a new cafe or pub. Travel! If you have friends at another school, it sounds like a great time to visit. Have them introduce you to their friends. Make it a point to meet up with them often. Before you know it, you will find a great group of preps.

I hope that helps!


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