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Hi Preppy Girl,
I would like to ask your opinion on what to wear for college interviews. I have several interviews upcoming with traditionally preppy colleges and some interviewers are asking to meet at local coffee shops since they offer “casual” settings. Some of my friends are planning on wearing jeans and T-shirts at these affairs, but as a prep I would prefer something more classy and formal. At the same time, I realize arriving at the local Starbucks in a Brooks Brothers suit when the interviewers are going for casual might not be ideal. Still, I want to show the people taking the time to consider me for their Alma Mater that I take them and their school seriously by looking presentable. At the same time, I don’t want them to think I am pretentious by over dressing. Do you have any ideas about what would be appropriate?

Concerned about College

Dear Concerned about College,
That is a great question! I agree, do not wear jeans to a college interview even if the interview is at the local coffee shop. One of my favorite looks for winter is J. Crew’s corduroy trousers. Wear them with pumps and a cardigan sweater or wear a pair of nice trousers and pair them with a colorful blazer and a nice shirt. I would stay away from suits, you want to look like a good fit for the college, not a potential employee. I would also stay away from skirts or dresses in the winter. Be sure to wear modest jewelry and accessories, nothing too crazy. You want to look polished in a casual way, not like you spent three days planning your outfit.

Good luck with the interviews!

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