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Hi Preppy Girl!

Just wanted to say, I love your blog! I’m almost 16, which of course means the start of car shopping! Unfortunately, my parents aren’t considering a BMW or Mercedes for me, since I’m so young and I’m helping to pay for my car. Are there any brands I should definitely stay away from? I was thinking of a cute, white Honda CRV. I know it may not be the pinnacle of prep, but I think I can def rock it. I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Thanks so much,
Florida Prepster

Dear Florida Prepster,

Car shopping is so much fun, I’m  jealous! My first car was an old blue chevy cavalier hatchback via my grandmother. The car didn’t even have a tape player (ouch!). However; I was just happy to have a pair of wheels to call my own. The car wasn’t preppy, or even pretty, but it was mine.

Make sure that the car you buy is in your price range. Car expenses can add up once you factor in gas, repairs, and car insurance. A white Honda CRV sounds like a great car to cruise around Florida. White is such a versatile color, you can add lots of preppy accessories like seat covers and preppy monogram stickers.

While any car is a great car, here are a few of the less-preppy brands:

  • Kia
  • Pontiac
  • Geo
  • and Scion

Looking for more info? Check out these preppy car tips.

Enjoy your new car!


  1. About a month ago I turned 16, and the other day got my first car 😆 I was just wondering if a crv is at least a little preppy, because that is what we purchased?

  2. Hi Maddie,
    Thanks so much for reading the site! Congratulations on the new car, I’m sure you will enjoy it. You can always personalize it with some preppy stickers to customize your new wheels.

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