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Dear Preppy Girl,

I live in Denver and am coming to Nantucket for an internship. Denver is traditionally a “hippie meets work-out gal” kind of place. While I usually dress in J. Crew and Anthropologie, I’m having a hard time packing and critiquing my outfits with an appropriately preppy eye! I have absolutely no idea what to wear to the beach or around town. Will my mix and match Anthropologie dresses, blouses, and J.Crew shirts cut it for the Nantucket crowd? Compared to other styles, I look pretty indie-vintage. My usual summer outfit is: a sun dress, aviators, black sandals, and a L.V. monogram bag that I take absolutely everywhere, but this outfit seems more Mid-West summer than East Sider, especially the way I put it together. How can I make my closet work to my preppy advantage? I seem to have the staples, but I don’t know how to put my pieces together!

Hippie seeking Haute

Dear Hippie seeking Haute,
Your internship sounds divine, I’m sure you will take Nantucket by storm! Try to blend preppy with your indie-vintage style, it will be a great conversation starter. Look for a few preppy accessories like over-sized sunglasses, pearl or chunky chain-link bracelets, preppy sandals like mules or flats, and little clutch handbags to go with your cool boho style. I suggest pairing sun dresses with lightweight cardigans, in case the weather is a bit cooler. Capri pants with a sleeveless shirt is another classic preppy look. When in doubt, a polo with a mini skirt and flip-flops will always fly. Look for clothes in classic colors like navy, red, orange, and pink.

I have never had the pleasure of going to the Nantucket beaches, but I have heard that they are beautiful. I recommend wearing flip-flops and little sun dress to cover up your bathing suit. Take along a a wide brimmed straw hat, not only is it a great accessory, but protects your face from the sun. I also like to stick a cardigan in my beach bag in case the wind picks up.

Good luck with the internship!

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