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Hi Preppy Girl,

First off, I want to thank you for the information on your site, it has helped a lot! I am just a beginner in preppy. I do not have the background or the finances, but I have the grades and the personality. I want to join country clubs, attend a preparatory high school and be able to dress like a prep. Can I still be a prep even if I am limited?

Thrifty Prep

Dear Thrifty Prep,
Of course, you can still be a prep! I like to think of preppy as a state of mind, not a family tree of stuffy relatives. Sounds like you are already there; with the great grades and winning personality. If you are searching for some preppy clothes without spending a lot of money, I recommend a trip to your mother or grandmother’s attic. You never know what preppy treasure you can find from cute cardigans to preppy retro handbags. The Goodwill, secondhand stores, and eBay are also great sources, you never know what cute preppy clothes and deals you will find.

Keep up the great work and stay preppy!

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