A Few Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Happy Father's Day

How do you say thank you to your Dad? If you are still searching for a great Father’s Day gift, here are a few ideas.

  • Polo Shirt – Dad can never have enough!
  • a  good book
  • Nantucket Reds – the essence of preppy
  • Baseball Tickets – a great way to spend time with your Dad this summer
  • A nice bottle of Scotch
  • Golf Balls, Tennis Balls, Fishing Equipment, Sports Apparel – who doesn’t like to have fun?
  • Vineyard Vines Tie
  • Dozen Steamed Crabs or a Steak or Lobster Dinner – a favorite meal
  • DVDs – his favorite “old” movies
  • A Lawn Service – Who wants to mow the lawn on their special day?

I hope you and your family have a fantastic Father’s Day!

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