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Hallo Preppy Majesty,
Please just let me begin with the very common: I love your blog! It is helpful and not trashy. The preppy lifestyle is hard to master, and you make that far more simple. But I would love to know: Can Irish step dancing be considered preppy? I am really not interested in lacrosse or tennis, and I am Irish-American. If Irish Dancing isn’t, than what type of dancing is? Is dancing at all?

Doomed for Dance

Dear Doomed for Danced,
Thank you for your kind comments about the blog, I am glad you like it. Hearing from readers like yourself makes blogging very rewarding. I think Irish dancing can be preppy, as long as you enjoy doing it. Its great that you can keep your heritage alive though dancing. Dancing is a preppy pastime, its fun, social, gets your heart pumping, and its actually good for you! As an added bonus you can meet lots of cute guys. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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