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Dear Preppy Girl,

I have two questions. Would having a big vocabulary be considered preppy or dorky? Is a Mini Cooper considered a preppy car and in what color? I was thinking of red with a white roof and white mirrors!

– Inquiring Preppy

Dear Inquiring Preppy,

Thanks for the email, its great to hear from you. First of all, that Mini Cooper sounds adorable!!! Mini Coopers are preppy in any color but gold. I totally want a Mini Cooper convertible–but my dogs won’t fit : (

I think having a large vocabulary is considered extremely preppy. Having a wealth of words at your disposal allows you to express yourself more vividly and precisely…and as and added bonus, it never hurts your SAT scores. Just be sure you don’t use your big words in the incorrect context. For example, a fancy vocabulary is perfectly acceptable if you are speaking to your professors, parents, or boss; but don’t bring in the “big guns” when speaking to your 5 year old cousin or your girlfriends over a latte.

If you are looking for a few extra preppy terms check out the Preppy Life Glossary.

I hope that helps!
– P. G.

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