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Hi Preppy Girl!

I am looking to convert my wardrobe to fit my preppy lifestyle. Any tips? I wear a lot of jeans, flats and graphic t-shirts, which totally doesn’t fit my preppy lifestyle. I have heard of places such as J.Crew and Lacoste. However, I just don’t know where to start or to begin. Please help me go from Plain Jane to prep!


Dear Shannon,

Thanks for the email, I’m sure you are not a Plain Jane! Don’t worry about J. Crew or Lacoste, You should wear what you feel comfortable in. Preppy girls tend to have a traditional sense of style but can mix it up with trendier articles of clothes and fun accessories. Here are a few style suggestions:

  1. Pink and Green, the two preppiest colors! All pastels are considers tre preppy
  2. Go Nautical, nothing screams preppy more than sailor stripes.
  3. Stock up on corduroy and khaki. I personally love corduroy blazers for the fall.
  4. Pearls and chunky vintage link chain jewelry
  5. Cardigans – so preppy! Look for solid-colored sweaters with cute buttons. Turn up the cuffs to make three-quarter length sleeves.
  6. Madras in the summer and plaid in the winter and fall
  7. Look for preppy accessories like grosgrain ribbon watch bands, cute clutches & totes, and pretty belts.
  8. Stay away from clothing or handbags that scream “brand name.”
  9. Leave your hair “clean” and simple, maybe try a loose bun, headband, or a ponytail.
  10. I know this sounds cheesy, but be confident. Nothing screams preppy more than great posture and a winning smile!

Try pairing a graphic t with a cardigan, jeans, and ballet flats or even a pleated or khaki skirt for a preppy twist. For a more traditional look, pair an oxford button down shirt or a polo shirt with jeans, ballet flats, and a preppy belt or handbag. For more preppy style check out Preppy Style 101.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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