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Hi Preppy Girl,
Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely adore your blog! Well, I’m going into the eighth grade in a month or so and I really want to know what sorts of clothes I should wear to school?

Excited for Eighth Grade

Dear Excited,
Thanks for reading my blog, I am glad you like it! Tween preppy is about classics mixed with vintage 80’s or boho elements. Here are a few suggestions to start your school year off in style.

  • Basic polo and khaki skirt with fluorescent Ray-Ban knock-off sunglasses, metallic flip-flops (or bright colored sandals of any kind but nothing that matches the sunglasses, no matchy-matchy. Cool always looks unstudied.)
  • Graphic print skirts, simple crew neck or v-neck t-shirt with TOMS slip on shoes.
  • Go nautical, Old Navy! Try a cute dress with leather boho sandals and a wrap around scarf.  H&M is another great place for preppy stripes at a reasonable price and don’t forget the boat shoes!
  • Try a more colorful take on classic polo or button-down: bright hues that pop paired with either basic khaki, white, or black. Or if you are more daring, pair with other bright mismatched tones for a very confident and bold look.

Accessories are really important, they make preppy look more funky, edgy, and fun.

Arms & Ankles:
More mismatched string bracelets, beaded bracelets, the better (gives the impression you’ve been trading, swapping, or sharing a good time at camp/vacation/wherever). I like to wear my pastel pearl bracelets with chunky chains, I think it’s a fun mix and it’s a conversation starter.

Tote bag, either the classic L.L. Bean, or a more boho-ish version, for example any of the nicer “reusable grocery bags” double as purses. This is a trendy look that can amp up a preppy outfit and it’s origins are decidedly upper-crusty.

Nailpolish! This is hugely important if you can wear it at school. Hot colors: light lilac, light blue, or electric blue. Hot pinks are always cool.

No fuss hair, for example a loose bun, tousled-look, or headband with ponytail. Long, long hair is in for girls…keep it simple though!

Good luck with school next month!

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