Ask Preppy Girl – Mini Dachshunds & Grosgrain Watch Bands

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Dear Preppy Girl,
Are mini dachshunds preppy enough? I know labs are, but love my doxies! Also, where can I find grosgrain watch bands that will fit my watch? A lot of them I have tried are too fat for even my large watch.


Dear SEL,
Thank you for the great questions. Miniature Dachshunds are extremely preppy; maybe even preppier than Labs. Who can resist their little stubby legs and long floppy ears? Dachshunds have three varieties of coat: long haired, short haired, and wire haired, and they are all equally adorable. Miniature Dachshunds, as we know them today, were first bread in Germany but have roots going back to Ancient Egypt. Talk about a distinguished family tree!


Preppy Dachshunds

As for the grosgrain ribbon watch bands, have you considered making your own? You could even make matching collars for your doxies. Here is a great site that has tips on making your own watch band using Velcro and a hot glue gun.

Good luck!

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