The End of Manners

Vacationing with my family at the Delaware beaches, I have come to the conclusion that people simply do not care any more. Sitting surfside, my sister and I were enjoying a nice day at the beach when a chubby father with gaggle of kids started digging a hole a few feet a away, despite the fact that most of the beach vacant. I thought to myself, “oh how refreshing to see a father playing with his kids inside of typing away on his Blackberry.” A few minutes later I got hit in the face with sand. I let it slide, after a few more sand attacks, my sister, the polite nursery school teacher, sweetly asked the kids to stop throwing sand at us. The father’s response, “uhhh, you can move.” Whatever happened to civility and good manners? Obviously, they have also taken a vacation.


  1. I know, just trying to enjoy the sunshine and we get hassled by some yuppie and his sand-throwing kids.

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