Congratulations to Serena Williams, the Wimbledon 2009 Ladies’ Singles Champion.  She stopped by LIVE! with Regis and Kelly on Tuesday in a lovely orange dress. Regis, Kelly, and Serena chatted about Wimbledon, tennis, and grunting amongst other things. Serena is one in a long line of ladies who “grunt” when they hit the tennis ball.

Grunting has become a growing trend for female tennis players. According to the UK’s Daily Mail, tennis star Maria Sharapova’s grunts have been recorded at 101 decibels, Monica Seles grunts at 93dB, and Serena grunts at a demure 88.9dB. For the sake of comparison, a lion roars at approximately 110 dB.

What’s next?
Will grunting spread to other sports? Girls giving mighty yawps upon striking the field hockey ball or growling as they score the winning lacrosse goal. And who said that the ladies can have all of the fun…maybe the men will start grunting too.