Beachy Keen

I have always been a fan of camping i.e. packing one suitcase for a weekend at the beach. As long as you have some bikinis, a couple of cute Lilly dresses, a few polos and shorts, you are all set. There is nothing better than a long weekend at the beach. The scent of salt air mixed with coconut-scented sun block is the basis of many summertime romps.

Trendy twenty-something prepsters spend their weekends navigating the murky waters of summer shares. On the weekends, you can spot them in preppy beach towns, such as Dewey, trying to enjoy their 1/32nd of a beach house. The main attraction of a summer share is seasonal access to preppy watering holes such as the Bottle & Cork, a cute place for hobnobbing with DC’s future lawyers and politicians. Summer is not complete unless you hook-up with at least one aspiring lobbyist.