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Dear Preppy Girl,

I just moved to a new city and I would like to create the impression of being preppy. Do you have any tips on how to achieve this transformation?

Love Always,
Rookie Prep

Dear Rookie Prep,
Making the move to a new city is always tough. Since you are still unpacking, its a great time to assess your wardrobe. Divide it into 3 categories, preppy, not preppy, and basics. Figure out what items you need to create some preppy outfits. Look for items like colorful polo shirts, cardigans, capris, and jeans. Preppy accessories like gingham and needlepoint belts, grosgrain watch bands, hairbands, and tote bags, are a great way to round out an outfit. I suggest reading a few preppy books like True Prep to learn more about being preppy. If you like sports, consider joining a field hockey or tennis team. That is a great way to meet fellow preps. And remember to smile!

Good luck!
– P.G.

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