Ask Preppy Girl – Trip to DC

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Hi Preppy Girl,

I am going on a trip to Washington D.C. and I want to look nice but I don’t know what to wear. Can you please give me some advice?

D.C. Bound

Dear D.C. Bound,

D.C. is a conservative city, especially for men’s fashion, but it does loosen its buttons during the summer. Think traditional colors, navy blue, white, yellow, and red. For casual outings, I recommend a polo or button down shirt paired with a needlepoint or grosgrain belt and khaki shorts. Always wear a belt! On your feet, flip-flops, boat shoes or a pair of loafers are the way to go. For more formal events, pack a blue blazer, khaki pants, and a couple of striped or pastel patterned ties. Steer clear of anything considered “loud” or “flashy.” And don’t forget to pack your sunglasses!

Have a great trip!

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