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Hi Preppy Girl!
I have a lot of questions about preppy fashion and the lifestyle. I am a super happy high schooler and want to have a great preppy style. What clothes should I wear? What are essentials that I need?

Happy Prep

Dear Happy Prep,
I hope you are enjoying high school! Now is the time to stock up on great preppy styles, there are so many holiday sales. A few essentials for cold weather are:

  • Leggings
  • Long cardigan sweaters
  • A variety of scarves in different colors and textures to dress up your outfits
  • Corduroy jeans
  • White shirts – you can never have enough!
  • Belts – a great accessory for sweaters and oversized shirts, knot–don’t buckle–at the high waist
  • A great pair of brown boots
  • Ballet flats in different colors
  • A puffy vest in a bright color
  • Mittens

Here are some more tips on preppy dressing: preppy style 101 and summer staples.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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