Ask Preppy Girl – Where are all of the Preps?

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Hi there, Preppy Girl,
I just wanted to know how do I get into the preppy scene? Where I live there isn’t many preppy people (Wisconsin) and I really would like to have some preppy friends. Where do most preppy people live?

Looking for Preps

Dear Looking for Preps,
Thanks for your questions. Many preppy people live on the east coast in various locals such as Boston, Nantucket, Palm Beach, and South Carolina; but you can find preps almost anywhere. I am sorry to hear about the preppy shortage in your town. I suggest joining some new activities. If you like sports, join a rec council or school field hockey or lacrosse team. Team sports are a fun way to relax and meet a bunch of people. Try joining some social clubs or sign up for a class that interests you such as photography, pottery, yoga, sailing, or tennis. By trying different activities, you are sure to meet new people that share your preppy interests. If that doesn’t work, start your own prep club and convert your friends. ; )


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