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Hi Preppy Girl!
I am a college senior in DC and I just got accepted to study abroad in London for the month of January (eekk)! I want to start getting outfits together now so I know that I will look picture perfect everyday! I have the typical: leggings, boots, scarves, pea coat looks, but I wanted to branch out a little bit since I’ll be in one of the largest fashion capitals in the world! What are some flairs I can add to my outfits to stand out but still be preppy?

UK Prep

Dear UK Prep,
Congrats on being accepted to study abroad! You will absolutely love the UK. My advice is to not buy too much clothing now, wait till you get to London! Between Harrods, Topshop, Liberty of London, and Burberry, you will be shipping home boxes of your new clothes.

That being said, one of my favorite looks is black skinny trousers paired with black pumps, a long white button down shirt, and a blazer. I think that look is really street style chic. Look for shirts with unique details or tunics to pair with leggings. Check out the accessories department of H&M, they have lots of inexpensive trendy belts and jewelry. London has a lot of “rock and roll” style. Look for edgy jewelry to dress up an otherwise preppy outfit. A great shade of lipstick will also work wonders.

Knot (don’t buckle) the belts at your upper waist over loose fitting shirts or sweaters for a more fitted look. I would pack a couple of interesting scarves, they fit easily into a suitcase and are able to transform a boring blazer or shirt. Remember to pack shoes that are comfy to walk in! You will probably do a lot of walking.

I hope you enjoy London! That will be such a fantastic experience.

Have a wonderful trip!


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