Preppy Halloween Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner, I’m sure you are looking for that perfect Halloween party get-up. Here are a few of my fav DIY preppy costumes.

  • Audry Hepburn ala Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Black dress and pearls
  • Princess Kate – Perfect excuse to wear a tiara and put on a pretty dress.
  • Tennis player – Wear your tennis whites, the more retro the better.
  • Sailor – The preppiest of costumes, grab a striped shirt and your boat shoes and you are all set. Rope bracelet optional.
  • International Spy – Great excuse to stay warm, wear dark glasses and a Burberry raincoat.
  • Valley Girl – 1980s prep style
  • Private School Student – Wear your old uniform, even better- wear your old gym uniform. This only works if you are past your high school days.
  • Lilly Pulitzer – Excuse to wear all of your favorite Lilly clothes and accessories at once.
  • Lacrosse Player – Everyone loves a lacrosse player!

Now that the Halloween costume is covered, check out these great tips for spook-ifying your house.

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