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Dear Preppy Girl,

First off I just love your blog; funny and informative. Any-who, I was wondering if Converse are preppy? I have some in bright colors which are of course preppy but I also have some in black. I like Sperry’s but I don’t want to always wear Sperry’s and I’m not a fan of flip-flops for everyday life, which I know is blasphemous in the house of Prep but too bad. And I really don’t like TOMS; sorry again. PF Flyers look like Converse so is that like the same thing? Please help me.

– Preppy Shoes

Dear Preppy Shoes,

Thanks for the email and the kind words about my blog. I am glad you find it helpful!

Converse are a classic…and you can’t wear boat shoes everyday. I think Chucks are extremely preppy and making a comeback. My boyfriend loves Converse low tops. They are really comfortable and you don’t have to deal with tying the extra laces. I personally like the suede low tops. You can even design your own pair that ships in three to four weeks.

You may also want to check out the equally preppy Jack Purcell sneakers, named for the champion badminton player, which are also manufactured by Converse.

Let me know of you have any more questions!

Black Converse Sneakers

Black Converse Sneakers Photographed by: Brooke Fishwick

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