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Dear Preppy Girl

I want to find a good winter coat (i.e. warm, but tasteful). I have the wool trenches & the cute peacoats, but I need a cute, preppy coat that can help me through the biting Minnesota winters. What are some brands I might look at? I love Burberry, but it’s a bit out of my college student price range!


Dear Frostbitten,

Those Minnesota winters sound rough. I know what you mean about Burberry, my mom snagged me one of their trenches at a Nordstrom sale–I was in debt for a year, LOL. J. Crew has a more affordable trench that looks pretty warm. I have always been a fan of J. Crew for stylish winter coats. Keep your eye on their web site, they have a lot of outerwear sales. I love their Long Meribel Puffer, a cute down coat with a belted waist.

This year camel is the “in” color and I couldn’t be more excited. Camel is a great neutral that hides the stains and goes with everything. Look for coats with tassels and fun linings or details. I like Eddie Bauer’s Duffel Coat. I also LOVE white winter coats. Be careful where you wear them, but they are so stylish and chic.

For snow storms you can’t beat North Face coats and vests. They are so preppy and can handle anything Mother Nature throws at you!

If you have a Loehmann’s nearby, I recommend coat shopping there. They usually have a huge selection of designer outerwear at heavily discounted prices.

Try prep-ing up your older coats with winter accessories like colorful wool scarves, hats, and mittens. Mittens on strings worn around your neck are the “it” prep accessory this year.

Stay warm! Let me know if you have any questions.

Keep your fingers toasty!

Keep your fingers Warm!

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