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Dear Preppy Girl,

I have always lived in warm climates (from abroad to the South and now California). I am moving to Europe in a few months and will be arriving in the middle of winter. I have never had to dress in winter except for ski trips so I have no idea how to dress in winter. I have always kept a mostly preppy wardrobe (polo shirts, cable-knit sweaters, cardigans, loafers, ballet flats, headbands, etc) but have never had to really change my wardrobe in winter (except maybe the addition of tights and a sweater). What should I take with me on my move (tops, bottoms, shoes, overcoats, etc). I will be attending grad school but must dress “smart casual” (whatever that means).

Swiss Miss

Dear Swiss Miss,

Congratulations on being accepted to grad school in Switzerland, that sounds amazing!!! Here are a few style tips for surviving a Swiss winter and remember to dress in layers.

Coats: I personally hate cold weather and therefore think you can never have enough coats. Here is the bare minimum:
– Camel is the “in” color this year and goes with everything. I recommend buying a long camel-colored coat
– Buy a short dress coat as well, in case you go out and don’t feel like dealing with a long coat. I have a short red coat with three quarter length sleeves and love it.
– Trench Coat with a warm liner for the rain
– Ski Coat – I’m sure you already have one

Scarves: Scarves are great for keeping out the cold, not to mention accessorizing! Wool scarves, knitted scarves, cotton scarves; buy a huge selection to compliment your wardrobe. H&M has some great inexpensive ones.

Keep your fingers toasty!

Keep your fingers toasty!

Warm Winter Woolens: Chunky sweaters, shawls, tie front cardigans, socks, scarves, hats, and mittens. Mittens are so cute and are supposed to be really big this winter. Chunky heeled boots with wool socks & leg warmers. Look for classic colors, tweeds, and hand-knits.

Winter Whites: I love white sweaters, try to find ones that are machine washable. Tie-front wrap sweaters are great, warm, and stylish.

Skinny Jeans, Khakis, & Corduroys: You can never have enough!

Cardigans: Shrunken cardigans are great and can take you from class to going out with your friends. You can easily change their look by adding jewelry and accessories.

Sweater dress: Look for a warm one that can be easily layered!

Shoes: Look for “heavy” shoes. Stay away from kitten heals and anything that can easily get stuck in the snow and ice. I would buy a pair of Uggs, a pair of chunky heeled boots, maybe a pair of cute snow boots? I usually wear ballet flats in the winter time, but I’m not usually trudging around the snow.

Good Luck!

Preppy Girl

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