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Dear Preppy Girl!

I want to start off by saying that I love your blog! How can I preppy-up my uniform? I have to wear a green or white shirt with khaki pants, shorts, or a skirt. How can I show everyone I’m preppy while in uniform?

Prep School

Dear Prep School,

I had to wear a uniform for 12 years, I feel your pain. Think preppy hair accessories, like cute headbands and grosgrain ribbons. Are you allowed to wear any type of belt or do they have to be brown and boring? Look for preppy belts or try to find a cool belt buckle. Also look for preppy watches and watch bands such as the Grosgrain Ribbon Watch from Orvis, or shop around, I am sure you can find some cute ones at or your favorite store!

Is your school strict about shoes? If your shoes have to be brown, look for penny loafers, bucks, or ballet flats. Maybe pair your shoes and a khaki skirt with a cute pair of knee highs or a pair of woolly socks. Also, get creative with your books. Try a preppy book bag, baby bag, or a monogrammed tote.

Tote bags

Can't have enough tote bags!


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