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Dear Preppy Girl,
Firstly, let me say I LOVE YOUR BLOG. It is so comprehensive in everything preppy! My question is: whenever I wear polos I feel like a boy; are there any preppy alternatives to consider?


Dear Royar,
That is a tough question! I know what you mean about polos. I have never been a big fan of them myself. One of my stylish friends suggests dressing up your polos with ultra feminine accessories like a cute pair of espadrilles, dainty jewelry, and a girlie belt. If you shop around you can find some great slim-fit polos or even a halter polo.

Preppy Polo

The Preppy Polo

Here are a few variations on the classic polo:

And here are a couple of stylish alternatives:

  • Old Navy Ruffled Polo: A cute variation on the polo. Looks great with a pair of  short shorts, capris, or a skirt, and a few preppy accessories.

Try to stock up on short sleeves now, there are a bunch of fantastic summer sales going on. I hope that helps!

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