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Dear Preppy Girl,
I just got a beautiful long scarf from J.Crew in a very flattering color. My problem is that I can’t decide on a way to wear it! Which knots/styles look best with which outfits?

– Liz

Dear Liz,
Thank you for the great question! The scarf sounds absolutely wonderful. I have always found summertime scarves particularly daunting, their airy fabrics can be quite the challenge. Here are a few cute ways to wear a summer scarf:

  • Looped around your neck with the ends hanging down-this is great for sleeveless dresses and shirts with scooped necklines
  • Draped around your neck (no knot) with the ends hanging free in front. This is a great style for rectangular scarves paired with long summer jackets.
  • Over your shoulder worn as shaw. This is a great way to spruce up a basic tank top or a sleeveless summer dress
  • As a belt, works best with long rectangular scarves, but square scarves can also be folded to form a stylish belt.

And if all else fails, scarves make a great accessory for your handbags. Here are few additional tricks and tips for tying scarves.

Good luck!

Scarf looped around a model's neck

Scarf looped around the "model's" neck. For the record, art directing, modeling, and styling your own photo shoot is way harder than it looks.

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