Lacrosse & Preppy Pink Whales

I am saddened to see so many of my favorite lacrosse teams, like Delaware, Loyola, and JHU, knocked out so early in the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Tournament. Sorry, Regis, I am rooting for Maryland in the semi-finals. I hope they take Notre Dame down! The tournament wraps up Memorial Day weekend, when the final four teams battle it out in Baltimore to win a place in Monday’s championship game. If you can’t make it to the game, you can still check out all of the action on ESPN2.

With the off-season approaching, I hope the coaches check out, this web site shows off the skills of some of the area’s hottest lacrosse players. This year they partnered with the ever-preppy Vineyard Vines and created the “2010 Summer Circuit” T-shirt. Pink Whales and lacrosse sticks, how can you go wrong? If you are not on the tournament circuit this summer, you can buy one of these fab t-shirts at

Vineyard Vines Summer t

Shirt Detail

Vineyard Vines Summer t

Wonder Pup loves his Vineyard Vines T

Vineyard Vines Summer t (back)

Back of the shirt

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