Top Preppy Albums of the Unnamed Decade

Inspired by Rolling Stone’s recent issue profiling the music of the last decade, I have decided to do my own list:  Top Preppy Albums. These albums may not be especially good or even charted well, but they are must-have prep albums from the 00 decade.

  • License to Chill: Jimmy Buffet’s first country album featuring songs like “Boats to Build” and “Hey Good Lookin.” You know you secretly downloaded it from i-Tunes
  • Risen: O.A.R’s album of breakup music featuring “Untitled” and “Night Shift”
  • Vampire Weekend: Played at every preppy party along with the Killers and My Morning Jacket
  • The Black Album: Jay-Z, Frat Party Galore!
  • Speakerboxxx/The Love Below: Outkast’s double album featuring 2003’s inescapable song “Hey Ya!”
  • Stand Up: Dave Matthews Band – the “last” “good” Dave Matthews Band album
  • Room for Squares: Preps love John Mayer
  • FutureSex/LoveSounds: We love JT!
  • Brushfire Fairytales: Jack Johnson’s soundtrack to preppy love, “Bubble Toes”

Thoughts on any albums I left out?

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