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Dear Preppy Girl,

I have been following you blog for a while now. I am always sure to incorporate the ideas you give me into my “school life.” I gave up bookbags and replaced them with Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines totes. I stopped using dark black and purple nail polishes. I am about to become a Senior and I want to dress to impress. I wanted to see if you could help me out a bit on other ideas to appear more put together. Thank you in advance for everything.

Kisses and hugs,
Stylish Senior

Dear Stylish Senior,

Senior year, Congratulations! You will have so much fun. It sounds like you are off to a great start with your preppy totes and pretty nails. Looking put together just requires a little bit of time management. I would plan your look the night before. Try waking up a few minutes early to allow for extra time to do your hair and makeup. And be sure to accessorize! Hairbands, loose buns, and ponytails are so preppy and take no time at all. If you are allowed to wear jewelry to school, look for chunky linked bracelets and preppy earrings.

Since uniforms really put a cramp in your style, concentrate on looking good after school. Stash a pair of cute non-uniform shoes in your locker to wear after class. Bring a stylish cardi or schoolboy blazer to layer on top of your uniform shirt and don’t forget the sunglasses!

For more uniform tips check out Back to School.

Have a great school year!

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