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Dear Preppy Girl,

Hey! I just found your blog but I love it! Now, I have some questions:

  • I’ve found that at my age preps are stereotyped as stuck up and boring, when I’m not, so how can I get people to not judge me for dressing preppy?
  • Also, is it cool as a prep to be Jewish?

– Preppy in Chicago

Dear Preppy in Chicago,

Thanks for your email, those are great questions. I am so glad that you like my blog, you are so sweet. Sorry it took me so long to respond, I recently had my wisdom teeth pulled and I had grad school finals on top of that.

Growing up can be a tough, many students are nervous about going high school, fitting in, and making new friends. They may gossip or stereotype people to “look cool.” Try not to worry about being stereotyped. I know that is easier said than done; your classmates will soon learn to look beyond the stereotypes and see people for their true nature. Be sure to smile, be friendly, and be nice to everyone–who can resist the smiling happy girl? I also suggest joining some extra curricular clubs and/or sports teams. After school clubs and sports are a great way to meet more people in a non-classroom setting.

Of course being Jewish is cool. Some of the preppiest girls I know are Jewish. Just remember that preppy is a state of mind–it doesn’t matter what race or religion your are, just as long as you stay positive and love pink and green ; )

Good luck with school!
– P.G.

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